Week 12: Black & White

What week is it even? Clearly I have ventured off of the weekly path, but I have not given up!

I was away from home for two weeks at the end of April. I left Vermont, and although most of the snow was gone, there was hardly any green when I left. When I drove back in on the cusp of May it was late in the night, so as much as I looked I couldn’t tell if the leaves had started to grow. Also, it started snowing a bit as soon as I hit the Vermont border- so that had me a little concerned that winter had come back in a freak climate change incident.

Have no fear, though. I woke up the next morning and immediately started looking out of all the windows, and among the leaves starting to grow, right at the edge of my house were these bunches of grass just spurting right out of the ground. Were they planted while I was away? How did these things mysteriously show up?!

With a little bit of google research I found a maybe answer: Luzula something. I haven’t figured out the particular type, but when I google that word the pictures look identical to what’s in my yard. Origins of the Luzula name include the Italian lucciola ("to shine") or the Latin luzulae (“light”), inspired by the way the light hits this plant when wet with dew.

I took these pictures hoping to show off that very light.

Next Week on the 52 Week Photography Project: Choices