Week 13: Choices

What makes Spring? I tried to choose, but rather than pairing down, my list has continued to grow. Let’s unpack this a little, shall we?

  1. Thunderstorms. In the past month I have heard thunder, saw lightning, and witnessed actual big fat (not freezing) raindrops. There was a day I was literally screaming out the window, “Look at those summer clouds! Those are storm clouds! AahhaaHha!”

  2. The little bear that was running through my backyard. This is also why I can’t exercise outside.

  3. The birds going wild and taking over everything. I have tried to pick up “birding” but am quite awful at it. Mostly this consists of me sneaking around the yard with my camera and zoom lens trying to get a picture. Think Elmer Fudd, but with a camera.

  4. The chipmunk that dug up all my sunflower seeds. We make eye contact at least once a day. I know it was him and he knows that I know - pretty sure he doesn't care.

  5. Peach trees blooming (Yes, in Vermont! See the pink blossoms below).

  6. The trees in general. I’m not sure why everyone isn’t talking about this, but the mountains in Spring are just as colorful as the mountains in Fall. Rather than yellows and reds, they are currently ranging from creams, to soft and light greens, to lush dark pines.

Take a moment and check out all these Spring moments below!

Next week on the 52 Week Photography Project: Sunset