Week 11: Long Exposure

So I accidentally took a blog hiatus. I blame it on my trip to Disney in mid-March. It was my first time there and I was over stimulated for what seems to be an entire month following.

But I’m back!

To prove my devotion to the 52 Week Photography Project I went out yesterday and photographed all that I could- so much that I even got a tick on my arm (oh hey, New England!).

Either way, Spring sprung while I was slacking off. Not in the way that’s implanted in my memories from childhood (warm temperatures, flowers blooming, green everywhere).. but in the Vermont way. As in it snowed on Thursday, but for the most part the larger snow piles have started to melt. Sap is flowing and mud is everywhere.

Vermont is coming to life again.

Next time on the 52 Week Photography Project: Black & White