Week 10: Light

In honor of Daylight Saving Time I have changed this week’s theme from Lights to Light.. Though, while the rest of the world is talking about the early signs of Spring the pictures below are still reality in Vermont.

Since my last blog post one week ago I have:

  • Updated my foundation to “porcelain” (and still have a makeup line).

  • Slipped on ice.

  • Backed my car into a snow drift.

  • And saw a bald eagle land on an iceberg in the middle of Harriman Reservoir (the place pictured below).

You know another thing that happened? I got excited because I thought I heard thunder yesterday. It turned out to be a snow plow, but this really got me thinking - when is the last time I heard thunder? Saw lightning?! How did I not realize these things have been missing?! I’ve mentioned that it gets dark and quiet for months here during Winter, everything muffled by snow and clouds . . but I didn’t realize that I hadn’t heard the sounds of a storm in months.

And I miss it.

So here’s to Daylight Saving Time, sunshine, the potential of a storm that brings sound and light, and the month that welcomes Spring.

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