Week 9: Texture


The honey pictured is probably one of the least textured things I could have photographed. Don’t stress though, in a week it will be full of crystals and quite gritty, so it get’s an A+ on the texture scale for versatility. Also, I might have almost forgotten about my blog this week?

Long ago (like 5 months) I would glob a spoonful of sugar into my coffee and call it a day. Well that time is long gone, and I have officially moved up in the world. I now take a much classier approach to my morning coffee by doing a slow honey drizzle instead.

I’m kidding about the drizzle, I actually glob the honey in there just the same, but it DOES make the whole experience feel a lot grander when you ditch those granulated little crystals for the slickness of a rich honey.

So enjoy this small bit of my morning routine below, while I pretend that all of my Monday mornings are just this smooth. 

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