Krystle & RJ | Mile Around Woods | Snowy Engagement

KRYSTLE & RJ | A Snowy Engagement Session

Krystle and RJ chose the moment right before a huge snow storm came ploughing through the North East to have their engagement session.

And yes, it was absolutely perfect and you should consider doing the same thing.

Showing up armed with a thermos of hot chocolate and a warm blanket, this session started off cozy and close. As we walked around the icy grounds of the Mile Around Woods in North Bennington, VT the storm finally started to blow in. The mountains that were just visible moments before faded into the sky and the snow started to take over.

RJ kept Krystle laughing this entire session, and capturing all of the genuine moments between these two made my job so very easy.

Scroll through to peek at the joy of this snowy engagement session.