Week 5: Work Flow

When I decided to take on photography full time I thought about a LOT of things. Do I have the money? Do I even know my real cost of doing business? Do I suck at this? This list was long and full of many questions. One of the things that I didn’t give a lot of thought to… adjusting to working from home.

I have attempted to create a schedule that allows one to stay active, but so far the only consistent thing I do is drink coffee and stay on my computer all day. I have a yoga mat leaning against the wall that I stare at often, and I did run around my house looking for turkeys yesterday (I think there is an infestation in the yard, but that is for another blog post).

All of this to say, my attempts to leave the house for more than photo sessions and chasing down wild animals have fallen short. The Fitbit I’m wearing in the picture is incredibly angry about it too.

So for now, here is my everyday work flow pictured below. It’s editing, drinking coffee, lots of emails, and then finally more editing.

To be fair to myself, I actually had to drag my desk outside to get the best light for this image today. So technically I exercised.

Next week on the 52 Week Photography Project: Skyline

Lorianna Weathers Photography --2.jpg