Week 4: Cozy

Cozy can’t even begin to cover my current state. I am HOME this week. I am sitting on my grandmas couch while my four year old niece is handing me chocolate covered raisins.

Side note: It is always risky taking food from a tiny human. Second, chocolate covered raisins are probably at the top of the list of foods you need to look twice at before putting in your mouth. Clearly, I have reached optimal comfort level because I stopped looking twice a long time ago.

Now, coming home is not ALWAYS this cozy. It normally includes airports, finding out how I’m getting around once I land, and then spending T I M E with all the people I love. So this moment is especially sweet. I have nowhere to be and no clock to watch.

 All of this to say, I am headed to soak up even more of these moments. Below you can enjoy my brother and nephew in their natural state. The little hand is my niece throwing leaf confetti to help with the nature aesthetic. 

Next week on the 52 Week Photography Project:

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