Week 3: Reflections

In light of the insane blizzard that just passed over (and the three degree “high temperature” tomorrow) I am choosing to reflect on Summer. Well, not really summer, but this particular location in Vermont that I love photographing. Tucked right behind the Park-McCullough House in North Bennington, there are paths and trails that lead up to a hill allowing you to look out and see the Green Mountains in all of their glory. Yesterday I had my first snowy engagement session in the exact same spot and almost broke my hip because I fell on the ice.

Didn’t see that one coming? Yea, me neither.

It was like one second I’m taking pictures and having a good time, and the next my legs are flying out to the left and my head and camera are headed toward the ground. This fall wasn't forward or backward, it was completely sideways.

Also, my camera is okay for anyone wondering. I broke the lens hood off of my 24mm-35mm but that is easily replaceable. My hip on the other hand might be beyond repair.

So below you can enjoy a photo I took this summer, using the same lens that broke my fall when I attempted to recreate it in the winter. This photo was originally a standard one of the landscape, but I went back in and flipped the image in Photoshop to create a type of ‘reflection.’

Bonus: I found a clip of Philip Seymour Hoffman on youtube falling exactly like I did.

Next week on the 52 Week Photography Project: Cozy

Lorianna Weathers Vermont Photography.jpg