Week 6: Skyline (somewhere)

I once thought I could travel through the Green Mountains of Vermont without my GPS.. Fleetwood was blaring, the fall colors were at a peek and I was shredding the gnar on dirt roads in the Corolla.

Then I remembered a dirt road was never part of my trip and I was lost.

Vermont has notoriously bad cell reception, so my only plan was to keep driving until I reached civilization. While creeping along and pondering the behavior that put me in this position I drove past one of the best lookouts I’d seen since moving here. The trees opened up to my right and I had to pull over on that dirt road just to get a better look at the miles and miles of mountains and sky that stretched out in front of me.

Since that fateful evening I have journeyed back in that direction quite a few times to try and find the same lookout again. Well here we are 5 months later and I finally found it (to any locals it was on Higley Hill & Upper Dover Rd).

This past Tuesday I grabbed my camera and headed out, feeling super smug about this location and what was about to be the most amazing skyline picture anyone had ever laid eyes on.

Yes, it’s almost laughable, right? The smugness was my first mistake. The second was thinking that because the weather had warmed up to above freezing those steep dirt roads would be fine to drive on. FALSE. At one point I had to put it in reverse and just keep going backward until turning around was an option. I contemplated calling for help, but beyond having no service decided I would rather starve in my car before that happened. Thankfully the ol’ back-it-up trick worked. The fog when I finally arrived at the lookout was just a cherry on top.

So the skyline I had pictured did not work out and my dream of “best skyline ever” went up in smoke (fog?). For now, you can enjoy some of my journey up to the lookout.

Next Week on the 52 Week Photography Project: Book