52 Week Photography Project

I’ll make this intro short >> Hi, I am Lorianna and I am 27 years old. I live in Vermont, am fresh out of the non-profit world, and am now pursuing photography full time.

I’m also deadline driven. At least that’s the title I have given to my procrastinating tendencies.

So, in battling that for 2019 - and FINALLY starting a photography blog - I am committing to a year long project that I will write about each week. I’ve already schemed around a hundred ways to get out of it if necessary, e.g., write a haiku instead, pretend no one will notice if I go MIA, or faking a hand injury. The list goes on.

But alas, I shall not give up on this challenge, because at least one person (probably my grandma) is going to be reading. Basically it’s for the greater good at this point and I’m in far too deep to back out.

Here are the rules:

  • Every week for the next year I will carve time out of my completely unstructured schedule (working on that, too) to create an image that fits the list below. This part I’m actually excited about.

  • Every weekend I will share the photo and write about something. I say something because I’m not exactly sure what I’ll write. I’m assuming it will probably be about why I chose to take said photograph and what it means to me, why it fits the description blah blah blah. But I also might want to write about something else. I need a little freedom here so this part doesn’t really have rules (#girlboss).

Annndd, that’s it? Oh! So I am really doing this with the intention of making blogging a habit and something I’m comfortable doing. I have dreams of typing away and sharing thoughts, and that dream does not include random bouts of crankiness, rewatching The Office, lethargic spells, and whole bags of sour patch kids.

So here I go. Hopefully in the next year I can share a little more about my life, the people I’ll meet and the places I’ll adventure to. And hopefully each time it will get a little bit easier. Either way, I’ll have 52 times to try.

This week’s image theme: Self-Portrait. Be on the lookout.

52 Week Photography Guide

January— 1. Self-Portrait, 2. Baking, 3. Reflections, 4. Cozy

February— 5. Work Flow, 6. Skyline, 7. Book, 8. Nature

March— 9. Textures, 10. Lights, 11. Long Exposure, 12. Black & White, 13. Choices

April— 14. Sunset, 15. Motion, 16. Shadows, 17. Magic

May— 18. Trees, 19. Layers, 20. Symmetry, 21. Dinner

June— 22. Flat-Lay, 23. Eyes, 24. Home, 25. Letters, 26. Fruit

July— 27. Double Exposure, 28. Color, 29. Warm, 30. Chocolate

August— 31. Create, 32. Green, 33. Falling, 34. Inspiration, 35. Dance

September— 36. Small, 37. Special, 38. Underneath, 39. Fast

October — 40. Wish, 41. Big, 42. Places, 43. Eerie

November— 44. Leaves, 45. Centered, 46. Story, 47. Music, 48. Overflow

December— 49. Love, 50. Gift, 51. Old, 52. New