Name *
(Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, etc.)
(Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, etc.)
Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids, Best Man & Groomsmen, Flower Girls, Ring Bearer, etc.
Is there any information I should be aware of during your family formals? This can include someone having a hard time standing and needing to be finished with pictures quickly, or a death, new marriage, etc.
What is their contact information?
If not, let's start putting one together! If so, send it my way!
If you are getting ready somewhere separate from the ceremony, or if your reception is in a different location.
I would love to know what time your bouquet will be ready (and where it will arrive) so that I can include it in your detail photos! These are often the very first photos I will take when I arrive.
If so, what time are these scheduled for? Depending on how many hours you have booked me for, I want to make sure I arrive toward the end of hair & makeup so that your "getting ready" photos aren't taking place before you are ready to be photographed.
This might depend on whether or not you will have a first look! Making sure your family knows exactly when and where family formals will begin will speed up this process tremendously.
This can help us decide how long we have for formal photos after your ceremony.
Consider stepping away from your reception for 15 minutes to get those dreamy sunset portraits!
Introductions, First dance, Parent Dances, Speeches, Dinner, Cake Cutting, etc.
If so, what time?
This might be portraits of you and your partner, formal photos with your families, photos with guests, dancing at the reception, etc. We want to make sure we have enough time in your schedule to get the the photos that will mean the most to you. Let me know at least 3 things that stand out to you as the most important memories you want photographed.