I am a Vermonter. Just kidding, I am from South Georgia and am most certainly a 'flat lander'. I first developed an interest in photography while receiving my degree in Art Education. The journey began in 2012 in black and white film with an old Pentax and a small darkroom. In 2016 my interest turned into something more after moving to Vermont. For two years I worked at a nonprofit serving local youth after school. I had many jobs that fit under the title 'Program Manager' but the one closest to my heart was photographer. I began lugging around my camera everyday and documenting the program and students early on (it didn't take long before we had a handful of 8 year olds who could easily operate a DSLR). I kept at that throughout the entirety of my service and saw firsthand just how much one could tell a true and significant story through images. It was one thing to preach to people about how curious, intelligent, or kind the children I worked with were, but to show them was something entirely different. 

This is an extremely short and easy version of how I got here, but it is my dream to continue documenting and sharing the lives of all the people I am lucky enough to meet. I hope that you choose to be one of them. 




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